We are only as good as our client’s success.

I recently sponsored ETE’s Financial Insights go-to-market model with one of my most valuable and strategic customers. We had 40+ attendees at the session and I was able to witness firsthand the positive reaction and impact the content, approach and learning had on everyone in attendance. Financial Insights brought clarity and a useable context to how the (5) Financial Impact Zones drive every company’s financial results. The FI model is unique and it resonated with me because it touched on the important financial elements that are necessary to drive sound executive level decision making. ETE does a terrific job of presenting the material in a straightforward and easy to digest manner that isn’t intimidating to non-financial people. I walked away from the session with a refreshed financial language and a number of new ideas on how our partners can bring value to their customers. I have had several account managers come back over the past several months to share how this session helped them with new opportunities and customer engagements. Utilizing this session with my partner gave me the opportunity to learn more about how their AM’s sell, and it enhanced our relationship. I highly recommend participating with a partner and integrating this into your Sales Kickoff or QBR to help them grow and also to gain insight into their business.

Jennifer Hugus

Partner Account Manager, Juniper Networks

I had the privilege of being introduced to Ed and his Financial Insights. It truly was insightful and very thought-provoking. I found it of great value in helping myself and my customers pivot their sales approach to becoming more relevant to Executive level discussions. He’s a true professional and has taken the time to translate his own experience as an Executive and business owner to helping people become relevant in this changing climate. I would recommend Ed and Financial Insights to all who are in a Selling role. Thank you Ed!

Katlyn Barstad

Sr. Partner Account Manager,, Juniper Networks

I have had the pleasure of working with Team ETE over the past four years. They have a unique and effective methodology for positioning solutions in the most relevant, crisp, distinct and applicable way that I have ever seen. Ed is an articulate speaker, presenter, educator and mentor, having trained and mentored countless individuals among the many distributors, manufacturers and plethora of resellers he has worked with. The exceptional sales leaders he’s developed along with the exceptional growth in sales he helped us achieve is a testament to his understanding of the needs of the world we live and work in. Ed’s success at ETE Marketing is evidence to his excellent business and leadership skills coupled with his agility and adaptability to the constantly changing market. I value my friendship and professional affiliation with Ed, knowing that he has a strong ethical foundation that I can always trust. I look forward to future endeavors with Ed and Team ETE!

Tim Clegg

Consulting Architect, Innovative Data Science & Technology, LLC

I have recently been on a regional Cisco campaign with Ed driving business relevance messaging to a number of partners and customers. Ed has done an amazing job of organizing and executing this program and with his business relevance knowledge and market experience he adds tremendous value.

I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated working with Ed, and look forward to our next great adventure!

Steve Gansen

National Manufacturing Sales Manager, Cisco Systems

We recently completed our Financial Insights go-to-market session and the feedback was terrific. To help us drive internal alignment we included our sales, SE’s, marketing, support services and leadership staffs in the session. This approach was valuable in helping us shift our thinking about our internal business, as well as how we directly align with our customer’s top financial strategies. We are now entering the next phase of this program with hands on sales coaching to help us elevate our engagements and expand our non-IT relationships. The IT sales motion has shifted and we are confident that this approach will help us accelerate our sales successes.

Tim Carver

Director of Sales, Structured Communications Systems

Ed provided us with new tools that will help us fuel our growth with our largest strategic partners. I highly recommend this training to any company that is looking to elevate it’s understanding of what drives their customer’s decision making process, and how to stand out in a crowded market place.

Jason Joerg

Strategic Account Manager, Legrand North America

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ed at our FI Training and was thoroughly impressed by his knowledge and business acumen. He took the time to address questions and provide real life scenarios which made his training all the more relevant.

Everything Ed covered made perfect business sense and will help me communicate more effectively with my customers. It was a great reminder to see the world through our customer’s eyes and realize that a single purchase decision is tied to many aspects of a company. Thank you for equipping me with the right conversational tools to be a successful and true business consultant. Your time was valued and appreciated.

Ashley Welton

VP of Sales, Netelligent

I’ve taken Ed’s FI course twice and I’ve picked up new concepts each time. Ed and his team rewrite the playbook on sales strategy and it works. I look forward to collaborating with Ed and his team on future channel trainings and workshops. His course is a MUST for any sales force in this age of digital transformation!

Cal Hopkins

Channel Account Manager, F5 Networks

Our inside sales team recently completed the Financial Insights program and the feedback was unanimously positive. As a result, we are now implementing Financial Insights to our field sellers. The IT sales environment is becoming more commoditized and this approach has helped us see how our offerings directly support & drive our customer’s financial strategies. Financial Insights has helped shift how we view our customer’s business and reinforced why we need to continually bring them new ideas that map to their financial drivers.

Jon Bennett

Senior Director of Sales, Securematics

Ed presented to our sales team in November of 2017. His presentation on how to address the financial leaders in our customers was superb. It initiated many follow-up conversations within the team and has challenged me personally to introduce some new, executive-level practices in my role as an Account Manager in 2018. This was not just another “speaker”…this was a learning experience for me and I am certain for the rest of the team as well. THANKS, Ed!

Dustin Leingang

Account Manager, High Point Networks

Just a short note to say that the training was AWESOME and thank you for your presentation. I have been in the sales arena for a long time and have always wanted to get this type of education mainly focused around the financial conversation. It is obviously a lot to absorb but I now have the materials to start the process.

Greg Walker

Account Executive, DynTek Services

I have had the pleasure of working with Ed and Team ETE the past four years. Ed has an effective methodology for positioning solutions in a financially relevant, and business outcome focused way. The Financial Insights approach is engaging, hard hitting and easy to adapt to all customer conversations. Ed is a professional presenter, educator and mentor to our top sales talent and he has helped us elevate our executive level conversations and credibility. I value my friendship and professional affiliation with Ed, knowing his strong ethical foundation is something that I can always count on. I look forward to future endeavors with Ed and Team ETE!

Pete Heles

VP of Sales, Network Solutions

Ed has been a wonderful resource in helping us refine our Go-to-Market messaging and approach. He has a unique ability for translating what we do into a conversation that resonates with senior executives

Rajesh Krishnamurthy

Executive Directore, Richcore Lifesciences

You’ve provided a truly great foundation in which to open-up discussions that lead to opportunities that directly address common business challenges.

Steve Mattoon

VP of Sales, JNR